More than just company, but platform to define the industrial standard

Auto Windshields Sdn Bhd, a Malaysia based company, is highly specialised in automotive windscreens reinstatement industry.

" Realise tomorrow’s solution to eliminate the impact of windscreen damages. "

" The Invisible Shields. "
Auto Windshields Sdn Bhd, a Malaysia based company, is highly specialised in automotive windscreens reinstatement industry.

Auto Windshields is establishing high industry standard to achieve both aesthetical and engineering expectations. With a team of highly skilled technicians and partners, Auto Windshields is committed to create automotive windscreen solutions that add value to our clients’ vehicles.
In Auto Windshields, we strive to minimise the impacts on individual resulting from the damages of automotive windscreen. The major negavite impacts of windscreen damages include:
  • Functionality loss of windscreen and consequence damage.
  • Time loss.
  • Financial loss.
  • Environmental loss.
High Quality Reinstatement Work to restore function of windscreen and prevent consequence damages. In Auto Windshields, we continuously research and developing innovative solution to improve the quality of windscreen reinstatement. For instance, we have introduce SEALANT ENHANCER on all windscreen replacement work to improve the the adhesiveness of the sealant and prolong the life-span of the sealant. Customer feedback is the key in monitoring our research result, thats why Auto Windshields appreciate feedback from customer and even assist customer in providing solution for problem not arising from windscreen reinstatement.
Our policy on " Right People to Right Work " aims to reduce undesired impact due to workmanship.

Time Saving Solution. Urban life can be compact and busy, time are precious. Hence, we are working to reduce the windscreen reinstatement period. We also provide on-site service to minimise customer's time spend on reinstatement work.

Cost Saving Solution. What is the lowest cost to expect? we are even providing FREE services!
Without compromise on quality, we are working in reducing the cost of windscreen reinstatement. Other than maturity of technology, we are working with partners to provide value added service to our customer. Some of the service are even FREE!

Go Green Solution. We provide many environmental friendly solutions optional to windscreen replacement, for example windscreen repair and scratch removal service.
The slogan, " The Invisible Shields ", refer to our mission to restore the functions of automotive glasses:
  1. invisible, to provide a clear vision for passengers to read the external conditions easily.
  2. shields, to protect the passengers from undesired external condition and weathers.

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