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Why Door to Door Service is withdrawn?

Unlike courier service, windscreen replacement required working onsite for around 1 hour which expose our staffs to risk at uncontrolled environment. Due to coronavirus incubation period, high possibility where infected staffs become asymptomatic carrier and expose subsequence customers at risk of the disease.

At our workshop, the environment is frequently sterilized and designed to suit contactless working procedure. It reduce workplace virus transmission and hence protect our customers from risk of infection.

Why appointment service procedure is adopted?

Two main reasons encourage us to adopt appointment service procedure:

  • Lower productivity at the period as our staffs are divided into two shifts to reduce risk of virus transmission.
  • Avoid crowd by working 1 vehicle at once and fully sterilized before next customer arrive.

Is windscreen replacement allowed under Movement Control Order 2020?

Yes. As refer to guideline of the state government, the vehicle repair workshop is allowed to work from 9.00am till 4.00pm. Furthermore, windscreen is important in safe drive experience and accidents may result burden to the medical facilities of the country.

What is the operating hours of your workshop?

Currently we operate 9.00am till 3.00pm with alight with the state government guideline. From 3.00pm till 4.00pm, the workshop is closed for sterilization

Can I come with my family members?

We encourage customer drive in alone to reduce risk of infection. However, as per our Contactless Working Procedure, our staffs will not have near distance contact with you or your family members.


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