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Why Repair Windscreen Instead of Replacement?

The benefits of windscreen repair include:

  1. Time & Cost Saving
  2. Less impact to vehicle.
  3. Positive Cycles for Insurance Premium.
  4. ECO-Friendly.

Risk of Windscreen Repair?

With well trained skills and precautions steps taken, less than 3% damages fail during the process of repair.

  1. Evaluating of damages. Different damages involve different risk.
  2. Control the temparature of windscreen.
  3. Minimised vibration to the vehicle.
  4. Remove moisture trapped in the damage.
  5. Used of proper resins to repair the damage.

Are Windscreen Repairs Durable And Safe?

Yes. A well repaired damage provide the strenght as strong as before damage and as long as your windscreen lifespan. Under lab hammer test, 70% of windcreen crack with new damage instead of the repaired area. In our actual experience, 99.5% of repaired damages last as long as the life span of our customer windscreen.

Are Windscreen Repairs Invisible?

A repaired damage is less visible but is not invisible.
In Auto Windshields, the equipment and resins that we use able to restore minimum 90% of the luminous transmittance. You may ask for sample at our shop for the result of repair.

How Long It Takes To Repair A Windscreen Damage?

A typical damages take 15 ~ 30 minutes to repair. A complex damage should take less than 1 hours to complete.

Are All Windscreen Repairer Provide Same Quality of Repair?

No. A result of repair is highly depanded on the skills level of technician and types of equipment & resins used. Hence, it is important to ask for a sample before repair for comparison instead of compare only with the price.
In Auto Windshields, all our technician is well trained and certified before they are allowed to handle customer's car. Also, Our equipments and resins are the latest technology which you can find in local content.

Will A Windscreen Repair Approved By Ministry of Transport?

Yes. A windscreed repair is acceptable by MOT and able to pass the MOT test as long as it fulfill the following criterials:

  1. Well repaired.
  2. The crack less than 6 inches in length.
  3. The damages is not at driver vision zone.
  4. Not a hazard to safe driving experience.

Will A Windscreen Repair Void My Windscreen Insurance?

Windscreen repair is generally accepted by the insurers and you shall not be penalised for repairing a windscreen damage.
However, if you are buy the windscreen insurance after damages happened, it is subject to underwriter rules of different insurance company to review on case by case basis.

How long it take to replace a windscreen?

Generally, it takes 1 hour or less to complete replacement of windscreen.

Will windscreen replacement affect water tightness of vehicle?

NO. As the replacement only involved the cutting of sealant at windcreen area, it should be water-tight after applying new sealant. The water tightness of the replaced windscreen is affected by the quality of sealant and workmanship. In Auto Windshields, we insist on high quality sealant and all our staffs are well trained to handle various vehicles. To release customer's doubt, we confidently to provide up to 3 years warranty to our sealant and workmanship.

Things to note after replacement

  1. Don't wash the car
  2. Don't apply tinted
  3. Drive below 80kmph for first 4 hours
  4. Speed down when passing uneven road

What is OEM Windscreen?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) refer to the windscreen approved and authorised by the Manufacturer of the vehicle. It normally come with the manufacturer logo (there are exceptional case, like Perodua, Toyota Altis 933N, etc.). The vehicle manufacturer may authorise more than one windscreen manufacturer to produce OEM windscreen for their vehicle. For example, Pilkington and Saint Gobain both produce OEM windscreen for NISSAN Grand Livina.

How do I claim for a repair or replacement on my insurance?

Provide us the required details, we will handle the insurance claim on your behalf.

What is covered under repair warranty?

In the event the crack further from the repaired damage, free repair will be provided. If the damage are beyond repairability, a total cost refund will be provided.

What is covered under replacement warranty?

The warranty cover water and air tightness of the windscreen & sealant.


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