Promise on the quality

" Windscreens as good as original windscreens, sold by Automobile Manufacturer. Normally with comprehensive packaging. "

" Windscreens as good as Genuine Windscreens but sold by Windscreens Manufacturers. Normally with bulk packaging to save cost. "

" Windscreens with various quality to fulfil different needs in the market. "
Original Windscreen refer to the windscreen attached to your vehicle when it first complete assembled in the factory of Automobile Manufacturer. It is impossible to get a Original Windscreen aftermarket as only the windscreen originally installed on the vehicle is original.
Commonly mistakenly call "Original Windscreen". This is the aftermarket windscreen which certified by Automobile Manufacturer to have the quality as good as Original Windscreen.

Genuine Windscreen normally sold by Automobile Manufacturer. However, there are cases where Automobile Manufacturer authorise Original Equipment Manufacturer or distributor to sell the Genuine Products on behalf.

Genuine Windscreen normally come with comprehensive packaging, ie 1 or 2 pieces in a big box to reduce damages during handling and transportation. As a results, it incurs higher packaging and transportation cost.

Replacement of Genuine Windcreens will prevent your vehicle warranty void.

In Auto Windshields, Genuine Windscreen is our primary replacement options.
Original Equipment Manufacturer windscreen is the same windscreen with Genuine Windscreen. It must be authorised by Automobile Manufacturer and normally come in bulk packaging to reduce the cost. Normally it is sold by Original Equipment Manufacturer or authorised distributor.

Replacement with OEM Windcreens will not void your vehicle warranty normally.

In Auto Windshields, we will recommend OEM windscreen to reduce cost of replacement only if the hazard of windscreen damaged during transportation is low.
OEM standard windscreen is not OEM Windscreen. It always causing confusion and some workshops use the term to tricks the customers.

OEM standard windscreen refer to the windscreen as good as OEM windcreen and normally produced by the same Parts Manufacturer. However, it is normally not authorised by the Automobile Manufacturer. Hence, the cost of the windscreen is lower compare to OEM windscreen.

One of the ways to differentiate is OEM standard windscreen normally does not come with Automobile Manufacturer Logo. Replacement with OEM Standard products may void your vehicle warranty depands on Warranty Policy of Automobile Manufacturer.

In Auto Windshields, we will only recommend OEM standard products if the Genuine products or OEM products are not available or upon request of customer. For instant, due to process different, there is no Genuine Sealant or OEM sealant in the aftermarket, after several research and testing, we are recommend OEM standard sealant from Japan for every replacement with Auto Windshields.
Refer to aftermarket Windscreen which target to fulfil various needs of the market. The quality of the products can be various, some are even better than Genuine Product in certain function, for example
  1. Affordability, eg. lower in cost
  2. Durability, eg. bullet proof glass
  3. Clarity, eg. black glass with lower VLT
  4. Light weight glass
  5. Acoustic glass
There are many manufacturer produce pattern windscreen and most of the time target on affordability and not authorised by Automobile Manufacturer.

Replacement with Pattern Windscreen may void your vehicle warranty depands on Warranty Policy of Automobile Manufacturer.

In Auto Windshields, we will only replace with pattern windscreen upon request of customer. As the quality of the pattern windscreen can be various, we continue collect feedback from our customer over years and have workout statistic of different Pattern Windscreen to provide better advice to our customers.
This windscreen printed the trademark of Automobile Manufacturer or OEM Company without authorisation. This is a serious legal offence to sell or use brand piracy windscreen. It will also void your vehicle warranty.

In term of quality, how would we trust on manufacturer who not looking in long term business?

In Auto Windshields, we strongly not recommend our customer to replace a Brand Piracy Windscreen. It not only have quality concerned, it might land you in legal trouble. Don't fall into victims of piracy windscreen by accepting offer which is unbelievably low.

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